Summer On The Balcony: Ideas For A Relaxation Area

If summer has caught you in a city apartment, it’s time to reconsider the role of your balcony. We abandon the post-Soviet tradition of using the balcony as a warehouse for everything that is a pity to throw away and turn it into a private oasis.


The sea and palm trees may be far away, but the hammock and the sun are nearby – on the balcony. A budgetary and non-trivial solution that is suitable even for balconies of not outstanding sizes.

Garden Furniture

Do you miss summer outdoor cafes? A compact table and a pair of folding chairs – and a “cafe” will appear on your balcony. Warm blankets and live plants will complement the romantic picture.

For an open balcony, choose garden furniture made of plastic, metal, or artificial rattan – it is not afraid of bad weather and sunlight.

A practical solution – compact folding models, can be hidden in a closet or closet in the cold season.

On a small balcony, space will allow you to save tables attached directly to the handrails or a folding version bolted to the wall. Chairs can also replace reclining seats.

And if the area allows, you can move from the “cafe” to the “beach” and prefer sun loungers to the seats.


The window sill will also not be lost without work, and it can be used as a bar counter in addition to the dining group or as an independent size. For depth of styling, hang shelves to hold glasses and a home bar assortment.


Designers call us to responsible consumption, which also means rethinking the role of used items in space. In the interior, recycling is the new life of old things. If you are not ready to fit this trend into the interiors of living rooms, it can take root on your balcony.


From household boxes, you can assemble a roomy rack, make a bench, table or chair. Bottles turn into candlesticks, and an old watering can into a flowerpot, a stepladder into a flower stand, and pallets in tandem with pillows into a couch.

Mobile Lamps

An important element of a recreation area is proper lighting. If you don’t want to pull the electric wire to the balcony, don’t pull. Look for cordless mobile lights that run on batteries.

Candles and Garlands

For a romantic mood and a sense of celebration in the summer air, take atmospheric lighting. Decorate your balcony with garlands or lanterns, only not with multi-colored New Year’s, but fashionable monophonic ones with retro bulbs.

On the glassed-in loggia, you can use any candles in any candlesticks, but on an open balcony or terrace, candles should be equipped with special street lamps that will allow them to withstand the wind.

Don’t underestimate the potential of your balcony. It has every chance of becoming your favorite place in the house.

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